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Textile conservation of Costumes, Costume Accessories, Flags, Historic Dress, Lace, Objects incorporating textiles, Quilts, Religious/Sacral artifacts, Samplers, Tapestries, Thangkas, and Upholstery.

We offer complete conservation services for all types of textiles and leather, including ancient, medieval, archeological, historic, and ethnographic textiles and leather from all cultures, including:

Historical armory and saddles
Vehicle interiors
Ceremonial Textiles
Liturgical Vestments
Archeological Textiles
Religious & Sacral Artifacts
Flags & Banners
Gold and Silver Embroidery
Textiles integrated in other objects

Hands on embroidery


Analysis of threads, weaving and textile structure
X-ray analysis
Chemical treatment
Conservation framing
Custom dyeing of fabrics and yarns

Collection Survey
Mounting for display
Storage evaluation and design
Exhibition Design and Preparation
Custom Mount Design and Preparation
Treatment of insect infestation

Conservation / Restoration

Treatment can be performed on site or in our facilities in Dresden, Germany.  We serve clients throughout the European Union.

All treatments follow the ethical guidelines of AIC (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work) and ICOM (International Council of Museums) and contain a written and photographic documentation and - if necessary - a scientific analysis.

An examination report and treatment proposal are prepared for each object. Each report includes a written documentation of the object's condition and a proposal for its treatment and a cost estimate. We strive to realistically estimate the number of hours a project will require. We perform our conservation efficiently and to the highest quality.

The examination report and treatment proposal is without charge if the treatment is elected at our facility. However, if the treatment is not elected, the cost of preparing the documents(examination report and treatment proposal) will be invoiced.

If conservation treatment is elected, documentation of the treatment process including photographs is provided. The cost of the treatment report is included in the cost estimate.

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